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Virginia Buchanan

Virginia Buchanan is a shareholder at Levin, Papantonio. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida in 1985. She also received her Juris Doctorate Degree, with honors, from the University of Florida in 1989. While attending the University of Florida, Ms. Buchanan was a Bickel Scholar, Scripps-Howard Scholar and received several jurisprudence awards. She was selected to the University of Florida Moot Court Team and was a Finalist in the Florida Annual Moot Court Competition and Finalist in Benton National Moot Court Competition in Chicago, Illinois. She was selected to the Order of the Coif and to Phi Delta Phi, an honors fraternity, while in school. Ms. Buchanan is a member of the American Bar Association and the sections pertaining to insurance, premises liability and commercial litigation. She has been a member of the subcommittee of the American Bar Association on legislation affecting litigation and was appointed to a special committee of the American Bar Association on health care. Ms. Buchanan is a member of the American Association for Justice (formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America), as well as the Florida Justice Association (formerly Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers). She has served on the Board of Directions of the Florida Bar Foundation and has been Treasurer of ABOTA, Chairperson of the Civil Process Server Grievance Committeee and has been a member of the Chief Judge's Council on Children. She currently is a member of the Women's Caucus of the Florida Justice Association. Ms. Buchanan has served on the Judicial Liaison Committee of the Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Association and as a member of the Escambia-Santa Rosa County Bar Association Grievance Committee for attorney complaints, and has also been a member of the First Circuit Fee Arbitration Committee. She has served on the Women's Life Center Advisory Board to the West Florida Regional Medical Center and to the Board of Directors to the Shands Home Care Project. Ms. Buchanan is licensed to practice law in Florida and Alabama. She is admitted to practice in the Northern and Middle Divisions of the U.S. District Court. She is a member of the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association. She has published an article entitled False Claims in the Trial Diplomacy Journal and also in Summation on the topic of errata sheets. Ms. Buchanan has been selected as a member of Florida Super Lawyers, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. She has been involved in a number of serious injury and death cases, including the following: January 2011 - Lenora Perrine, et al v. DuPont. The community of Spelter, West Virginia was contaminated with cadmium, arsenic and lead due to Dupont's and others' zinc smelting activities. Claims were filed for property remediation and medical monitoring on behalf of more than 8500 class members. A jury rendered a verdict of approximately $350 million. A settlement was reached for medical monitoring and property remediation in January 2011. February 2010 - Michelle Iles v. Louisiana Health Sciences, et al. Ms. Iles was seriously injured in a Louisiana automobile accident. The claims were presented to the Honorable Judge Cade and a verdict was rendered in the approximate sum of $28 million dollars. January 2010 - Baby M . v. John Doe Surgeon. Baby Ml sustained severe injury due to a TPN medication administration error. The physician miscalculated the dose of various components of the TPN. The claim was settled for a sum that will provide for the life needs of the child. October 2009 - Lock v. Product Manufacturer and Physician. The deceased was a 35 year old husband and father who was disabled due to a non-specific neurological condition. He was prescribed a fentanyl duragesic patch to help control his chronic pain. Due to the manufacturer's negligent warnings and the physician's failure to adhere to prescribing instructions, the patient was advised to change the frequency of his patch placement, thereby resulting in a fentanyl overdose, respiratory arrest and death of the patient. The claims were resolved for the widow and minor children. The case involved litigation in New Jersey and Florida. August 2009 - Estate of S .R. v. John Doe Defendants. Sydney Franks was a thriving post-cardiac transplant patient when she had what was supposed to be a simple biopsy procedure. She sustained an arrest during surgery and died as a result of the health care providers failure to properly monitor and resuscitate her. The claims were settled for a confidential sum. October 2008 - Carter v. John Doe Hospital. The deceased was a young wife and mother when she had a mass biopsied. The positive pathology results were not relayed to the patient or her family and the malignant mass progressed, resulting in her death. A settlement was reached as to all claims. February 2008 - Jane Doe v. Bariatric Surgeon. Case settled for a confidential amount and involved mismanagement of a gall bladder injury which occurred during a gastric bypass surgery. Fedruary 2008 - Estate of John Doe, a minor v. John Doe Physicians and John Doe Hospital. The case involved the death of a healthy minor who had an arrest after an unmeasured and apparently excessive dose of neosynephrine was administered intranasally during what was supposed to be a simple, outpatient procedure. The child's family contended that the arrest was not timely reconized, resuscitation was delayed and inappropriately performed as well. The case resolved as to all parties for a confidential sum. January 2008 - Estate of Jane Doe v. Jane Doe, physician's assistant. The case resulted in a confidential settlement for the failure to timely respond to reports by attending nurse that the patient had a change in mental status and extremely elevated blood pressure. The patient suffered a stroke, and appropriate treatment was delayed due to the failure of the physician's assistant to respond. December 2007 - Estate of Jane Doe v. Bariatric Surgeon. The case resolved for policy limits of the surgeon. The patient had substantial postoperative complications and sustained a leak at the surgical site. The plaintiff contended that there was an unreasonable delay in diagnosing and repairing the postoperative leak. October 2007 - John Doe and Jane Doe v. Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon and Clinic. The case resolved for an amount in excess of $2 million and involved a spinal epidural hematoma following a low back surgery. The patient suffered neurologic deterioration that was unappreciated by the attending surgeon and nursing staff. September 2007 - Perrine, et al v. Dupont. This was a jury trial in West Virginia state court class action case involving claims of contamination of property and exposure to hazardous substances incident to Dupont and others operating a zinc smelter since the early 1900's. The jury determined that Dupont was at fault for contaminating the property of the class members, for exposing them to hazardous substances (arsenic, cadmium and lead), and that property cleanup and medical monitoring should take place. The jury also found that Dupont should pay punitive damages. The total award is in excess of $200 million. June 2007 - Jane Doe, surviving spouse, and Jane Doe, a minor child v. John Doe Corporation. This case involved a toxic exposure to hazardous substances and resulted in the development of renal cell carcinoma in a young man, who subsequently died of his illness, leaving behind a spouse and child. The case resolved for an amount in excess of $1 million. April 2007 - M. Iles v. Jane Doe, This case involved a severe automobile crash, with brain injury to the passenger. The case resolved for policy limits in excess of $1.5 million. March 2006 - Jane Doe v. Kevin Moncla, Jury Verdict in Okaloosa County, Florida, for $3.250 million, including $2 million in punitive damages. The case involved the illegal covert videotaping of Plaintiff and her family in the bathroom of a guest cottage. Plaintiff was awarded $500,000 for past mental anguish and $750,000 for future mental anguish as part of the award, along with the punitive award. The verdict is one of the largest in Okaloosa County's history. January 2006 - Surviving wife and minor child versus bariatric surgeon for death of husband/father; settlement for surgeon's policy limits. Surgeon had questionable expertise in handling surgical and postoperative complications for a patient with a body mass index exceeding 60. There was undetected breakdown at the site of the anastamosis which was created incident to a gastric bypass roux-en-y procedure. The patient exhibited signs of postoperative complications which were not timely acted upon. The patient died three days after surgery, before a re-operation was undertaken to repair the breakdown of the anastamosis. December 2005 - Surviving husband versus bariatric surgeon and anesthesia team for death of wife; settlement for surgeon's policy limits and payment by anesthesia group. Patient had a traumatic puncture to the constructed stomach pouch which occurred incident to a roux-en-y gastric bypass procedure. The hole was not timely detected, and the repairative surgery was unreasonably delayed. At the commencement of surgery, questionable anesthetic techniques were used, resulting in likely aspiration. The patient died three days after the re-operation. November 2005 - A.L. Estate versus Flooring company and employee, for death of unmarried man which occurred as a result of road rage. The employee was operating a company vehicle when he forced the decedent's truck from the roadway on Highway 98 at Okaloosa Island, resulting in the decedent rolling over several times, suffering ejection and immediate death. The employee kept going and was later found at Hooter's restaurant, drinking a pitcher of beers with his passengers. Confidential settlement reached. October 2005 - Jane Doe and her husband versus OB-GYN and nurse midwife, for failure to properly refer for biopsy of newly occurring breast mass. Settlement for $1 million policy limits of OB and $400,000 payment by nurse midwife. Baby Alex v. Anesthesiologist (2003 claim in Escambia County, settled for $1 million limits after demand for arbitration by physician) (Young child was not properly monitored during surgery by his physicians and suffered a post-surgical arrest, leaving him brain damaged). State Farm v. Dwelle, (March 2003, First District Court of Appeal of Florida) Prevailed in claim for underinsured motorist coverage in declaratory judgment action brought by carrier against its insured, Dwelle. First District Court of Appeal overturned trial court's determination that Dwelle was not a resident of his parents' household when he was involved in an automobile accident which resulted in the tragic death of Defendant's wife, Lori. This case, termed the "newlywed death case," is important because it involves issues of residency for adult children who are married, employed, living out of state and attending school out of state. The First District Court of Appeal did an extensive analysis of Florida case law and restated and refined the guidelines to determine residency issues in future insurance claims for UM benefits. Plaintiff Doe v. John Doe Hospital and John Doe, M.D. (Escambia County, Florida, settled at mediation in January, 2001)($3.3 million settlement for still birth of twin and brain injury to surviving twin.) Champagne v. John Doe (Okaloosa County, Florida, settled at mediation in December, 2000)($3.25 million settlement for surviving spouse and children of an optometrist who was killed in an automobile accident when a tractor trailer traveled through an accident site in heavy rain and struck the vehicle occupied by Plaintiff's decedent). Nowlin v. John Doe (Okaloosa County, Florida, settled at mediation in December, 2000)($2 million settlement for a nurse who suffered head injuries in an automobile accident involving a tractor trailer which was driving negligently in heavy rain.) Stewart v. Aldrete (Okaloosa County, Florida, settled in August, 2000)($500,000 settlement for insurance policy limits). Case involved allegations that the physician administered excessive medications, improperly combined, to a chronic pain patient. Allegations also include improper resuscitation and unreasonable delay in summoning emergency assistance, resulting in mild brain injury to the patient. Arango v. John Doe, M.D. (Walton County, Florida, settled in December, 1999 for in excess of $375,000) (Defendant doctor was sued for inappropriately and inadequately following up on an abnormal EKG, resulting in the patient's untreated cardiac arrest and death. The physician altered medical records in more than 50 instances and settled for his insurance policy limits plus an additional personal payment). Peter v. Lujan (Okaloosa County, Florida, settled in April, 1999). Defendant physician fired Plaintiff physician after 15 days into an employment contract. Defendant physician sought to enforce the non-compete clause. Plaintiff physician argued that the community would suffer a severe impact since there were no other board certified pediatricians in the community if the clause was enforced. Based upon public need, the court refused to enjoin Plaintiff physician from practicing. Seawright v. John Doe, M.D., et al. (Santa Rosa County, Florida, settled in November, 2000 for $575,000)(Claim involved an undiagnosed epidural hematoma believed to be caused by a traumatic lumbar puncture in conjunction with the administration of low dose Heparin. Plaintiff was an elderly patient who suffered permanent paralysis as a result of the injury.) Baby Megan v. John Doe Hospital (Alachua County, Florida, settled March, 2000) (Case settlement for $2,995,000 for brain injury to baby due to failure to timely deliver and properly resuscitate the child). Bristow v. CSX Railroad (Alachua County, Florida, settled at mediation in March, 2000) ($190,000 settlement for death of driver and passenger at railroad tracks at private crossing. Plaintiffs alleged that Defendant failed to adequately maintain the right of way to assure that the train and the drivers could appreciate the approach of train). Nguyen v. Banana Bob's (Escambia County, Florida, trial date April 2, 2001) (Jury verdict in the amount of $4,585,646.03 for death of 22 year old in an automobile accident caused by drunken driver who was served by employees of Banana Bob's Beach Bar. Summary judgment was entered as to Banana Bob's for knowingly serving a person habitually addicted to alcohol.) A.C. v. Odom (Escambia County Circuit Court, 1995) ($2,700,000 judge verdict, for rape of child by step-father; claims against mother and step father) Bassett v. PIAS, Inc. d/b/a Sammy's Go-Go (Escambia County, FL, Dec. 1991) ($4,000,000 jury verdict for an eighteen year old male killed when he was struck by a drunk driver leaving a topless bar) Burnett v. DOC (Leon County, FL 1993) ($1.3 million judge verdict, rape of grandmother by escaped inmates from Florida prison) Bush v. Jerningan (Santa Rosa County, FL 2000) (settlement of a wrongful death claim for the death of three minor children in a clay pit collapse accident. The case involved a declaratory judgment action brought by the property owner's carrier and wrongful death litigation against the property owner. The claims settled for the $1.1 million insurance policy limits). Carpenter v. Florida Mining (Leon County, FL, June 1996) ($1.1 million settlement for the death of a thirty-two year old male survived by a spouse of a one year marriage and no children. He was earning approximately $20,000 per year at the time of his death) Castro v. Smalley Transportation Co. (Escambia County, FL, March 1992) ($1.5 million jury verdict for an elderly woman who was killed when a truck driver ran a red light) Coker v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Escambia County, FL, March 1996) ($2,160,000 jury verdict for the family of an auto part clerk who was killed by two juveniles who unlawfully purchased pistol ammunition from a Wal-Mart store. The jury held Wal-Mart more responsible for the clerk's death than the two juveniles who shot the clerk.) Downing v. John Doe Utility Co. (Escambia County Circuit Court, 1996) ($2.2 million settlement, loss of lower limb due to auto negligence) Goss/Rawski v. Prime, Ltd. (Alachua County, FL 2000) (settlement of wrongful death claims for the death of a grandfather and grandson in a trucking accident. The claims settled for the $3 million policy limits.) Hedwig Maier Estate v. Greyhound Lines, Inc. (Leon County Circuit Court, 1990) ($1,250,000 jury verdict in death of mother of three in auto accident case) Hinegardner v. USA (Escambia County, FL 1999) (settlement of a FTCA obstetrical medical negligence case brought on behalf of a brain damaged child; As part of the settlement, the child will receive benefits up to $15,000,000 over her anticipated lifetime.) Horst Maier Estate v. Greyhound Lines, Inc. (Leon County Circuit Court, 1990) ($1,250,000 jury verdict, with 50% comparative negligence finding in death of father of three in auto/bus crash) Howell v. John Doe, M.D. and Jane Doe, R.N. (Mobile County State Court, 1997) ($2.2 million settlement for death of 4 month old child due to misuse of medical device) Hyler v. K-Mart (Santa Rosa County, FL, Aug. 1994) ($1,100,000 jury verdict for a forty-three year old male facing two potential knee replacements as a result of a forklift incident) Kelley v. DOT (Santa Rosa County Circuit Court, 1998) ($1.6 million settlement, with approval by the Florida Legislature and Governor of a Claims Bill to support the losses.) McGhee v. DOC (Leon County Circuit Court, 1993) ($2.2 million jury verdict, death of park ranger by escaped inmates from Florida prison) Roy v. John Doe, CRNA (Escambia County Circuit Court, 1996) ($1.4 million settlement, for injuries suffered incident to negligent anesthesia administration to mother of 3) Schlendorf v. Alternative Health Research (Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division, 1998) ($2,500,000 settlement for the death of a 20 year old while on Spring Break at Panama City, Florida as a result of taking an over-the-counter product containing ephedrine) Sheets v. Norfolk Southern Railroad, Ohio State Court, 1995 ($4.3 million jury verdict, death of mother and child in vehicle/train collision). Steinberger v. John Doe, M.D., Baldwin County State Court ($1 million settlement for overdose of chemotherapy agents). Stone v. Sacred Heart Hospital (Escambia County, FL, Apr. 1993) ($4,800,000.00 jury verdict for a thirty-seven year old male who was rendered impotent and suffered a broken pelvis as the result of a trucking accident) Surratos v. PIAS, Inc. d/b/a Sammy's Go-Go (Escambia County, FL, Dec. 1991) ($4,000,000.00 jury verdict for a seventeen year old female who lost a leg when struck by a drunk driver leaving a topless bar) Wood v. Jackson Electric, Hall County, Georgia State court, 1993 ($1.7 million jury verdict, death of husband and father). Nixon v. Holland (March 2004, Escambia County Trial) Jury verdict against emergency room physician for failure to diagnose a ruptured spleen. The patient was the victim of a criminal attack before coming to the emergency department of Sacred Heart Hospital. Despite presenting with classic signs of an intraabdominal injury, the patient was discharged without a diagnosis. He suffered significant blood loss and was critically ill when he was transported to another hospital and treated. Brennan v. Kirby Inland Marine (March 2004, Santa Rosa County Trial) ($1,660,000 settlement during trial following $1 million offer of judgment during litigation) Case involved significant injuries to the left foot of a 52 year old woman who was no longer able to engage in outdoor employment or enjoy other activities she previously engaged in. The case settled at the close of the evidence and before submittal to the jury for deliberation. Estate of Jane Doe v. Gastric Bypass Surgeon (April 2005, Escambia County) - Settlement against surgeon for complications of gastric bypass procedure performed upon young professional woman. Settlement was $1 million policy limits. John Doe v. Surgeon & Hospital (December 2004) - total claims resolved for in excess of $3 million for postoperative arrest of young child in the recovery room of hospital. Child was not properly monitored, and physicians would not respond to the care of the treating nurses. Thirteen property owners v. International Company - (Alabama, November 2004) - claims resolved against international company for causing dust, light and noise intrusion upon property owners in a residential area. Ms. Buchanan limits her practice to medical cases and other serious cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. Medical Malpractice Failure to Diagnose Personal Injury Premises Liability

Areas of Practice:

Medical Cases Personal Injury Wrongful Death

Bar Admissions:

Florida Alabama U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida


University of Florida College of Law, Gainesville, Florida, 1989 J.D. Honors: Order of the Coif Honors: With Honors Honors: Bickel Scholar Honors: Scripps-Howard Scholar Honors: Received Several Jurisprudence Awards Honors: Member, Moot Court Team Honors: Finalist, Florida Annual Moot Court Competition Honors: Finalist, Benton National Moot Court Competition, Chicago, IL Honors: Phi Delta Phi University of Florida, Journalism College, 1985 B.S. Honors: Magna Cum Laude Honors: Graduated First in Class Honors: High Honors, Academics, (Special Project Committee vote)

Published Works:

False Claims, Trial Diplomacy Journal, April, 1993 Errata Sheets Aren't Just to Correct Misspellings,, Summation, December, 1995 Jury Selection in 2002: Perils and Pitfalls; Moving into the 21st Century Computer Software and other Jury Selection Aids, AFTL Journal, November/December, 2002 When Defendants Don't Pay on Time, AFTL Journal, January, 2003 When the Hospital Has to Pay for a Doctor's Mistakes, AFTL Journal (Submitted on behalf of the Women's Caucus), September, 2003 Introducing the Hon. Margaret C. 'Casey' Rodgers U.S. District Court of Florida, Northern District, AFTL Journal, January, 2004 Summary of the 2003 Medical Malpractice Legislation; Major Impacts from the Plaintiff Perspective and From the Defense Perspective, The Summation, March, 2004 Discovering Personnel Records: Who Can Object?, AFTL Journal, August, 2004 Vioxx: Once Again We Learn That Neither Manufacturers Nor the FDA Look Out For The American People, AFTL Journal, November/December, 2004 A Fresh Look at Anti-Dumping Claims: Why It Is Worth Your While, AFTL Journal, January, 2005 When Defendant's Seek to Recover Private Information From Plaintiff's Non-Party Family Members; What We Should Do To Fight It, AFTL Women's Caucus Article, September, 2005 Kids Will Be Kids.....Legal Liability for the Misdeeds of Minors: Who Pays for Junior's Torts?, AFTL Journal, April, 2006 Welcome to Our First Resident Federal Judge in Panama City, Northern District of Florida The Honorable John Richard Smoak, AFTL Journal (Submitted on behalf of the Women's Caucus), April, 2006 Judicial Misconduct - Is the Judge Misbehaving?, AFTL Journal, June, 2006 I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me, AFTL Journal (Submitted on behalf of the Women's Caucus), September, 2006 The Florida Bar's Legal Fee Arbitration Program: Is it Right for You?, AFTL Journal (Submitted on behalf of the Women's Caucus), February, 2006 Jury Verdicts: Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away, Women's Caucus of the Florida Justice Association, May, 2007

Representative Cases:

Baby Alex v. Anesthesiologist, ( 2003) State Farm v. Dwelle, (First District Court of Appeal of Florida, March 2003) Plaintiff Doe v. John Doe Hospital and John Doe, (Escambia County, Florida, January 2001) Champagne v. John Doe, (Okaloosa County, Florida, December 2000) Nowlin v. John Doe, (Okaloosa County, Florida, December 2000) Stewart v. Aldrete, (Okaloosa County, Florida, August 2000) Arango v. John Doe, M.D, (Walton County, Florida, December 1999) Peter v. Lujan, (Okaloosa County, Florida, April 1999) Seawright v. John Doe, M.D., et al., (Santa Rosa County, Florida, November 2000) Baby Megan v. John Doe Hospital, (Alachua County, Florida, March 2000) Bristow v. CSX Railroad, (Alachua County, Florida, March 2000) Nguyen v. Banana Bob's, (Escambia County, Florida, Trial Date April 2 2001) A.C. v. Odom, (Escambia County Circuit Court 1995) Bassett v. PIAS, Inc. d/b/a Sammy's Go-Go, (Escambia County, Florida, December 1991) Burnett v. DOC, (Leon County, Florida 1993) Bush v. Jerningan, (Santa Rosa County, Florida 2000) Carpenter v. Florida Mining, Leon County, Florida, June ( 1996) Castro v. Smalley Transportation Co., (Escambia County, Florida 1992) Coker v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., (Escambia County, Florida, March 1996) Downing v. John Doe Utility Co., (Escambia County Circuit Court 1996) Goss/Rawski v. Prime, Ltd., (Alachua County, Florida 2000) Hedwig Maier Estate v. Greyhound Lines, Inc., (Leon County Circuit Court 1990) Hinegardner v. USA, (Escambia County, Florida 1999) Horst Maier Estate v. Greyhound Lines, Inc., (Leon County Circuit Court 1990) Howell v. John Doe, M.D. and Jane Doe, R.N., (Mobile County State Court 1997) Hyler v. K-Mart, (Santa Rosa County, Florida 1994) Kelley v. DOT, (Santa Rosa County Circuit Court 1998) McGhee v. DOC, (Leon County Circuit Court 1993) Roy v. John Doe, CRNA, (Escambia County Circuit Court 1996) Schlendorf v. Alternative Health Research, (Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division 1998) Sheets v. Norfolk Southern Railroad, (Ohio State Court 1995) Steinberger v. John Doe, M.D., (Baldwin County State Court ) Stone v. Sacred Heart Hospital, (Escambia County, Florida 1993) Surratos v. PIAS, Inc. d/b/a Sammy's Go-Go, (Escambia County, Florida 1991) Wood v. Jackson Electric, (Hall County, Georgia State court 1993) Nixon v. Holland, (Escambia County Trial 2004) Brennan v. Kirby Inland Marine, (Santa Rosa County Trial 2004)

Classes/Seminars Taught:

Psychology and the Law, Pensacola Junior College, 1992 Sexual Harassment & Legal Accountability, Monsanto Corporation, 1996 Medical Negligence, Estate Planning, Seminar for Physicians, 1997 Legal Ethics & Confidentiality, 1998 - 2000 Nursing Malpractice, Association of Operating Room Nurses, 1998 Be All You Can Be, Lincoln Park Elementary School, 1993 - 1996 Tort Reform Overview: How It Was; How It Is, Joe J. Harrell Trial Seminar, 2004 Professionalism and Ethics, Northwest Florida Paralegal Association, 2004 The Essential Role of the Legal Investigator In The Development of Damages for Mediation and Trial, Inner Circle of Investigators, 2004 Preparing and Presenting Your Expert Witness in a Contested Liability Case, AFTL, Tampa, Florida, 2005 Ethical Considerations for the Paralegal, Florida Justice Association seminar at The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL, June 14, 2007 Symposium on Medical Malpractice topics include "History of Medical Malpractice," "Ways to Avoid Litigation" and "How a Plaintiff's Attorney Approaches a Medical Malpractice Case.", University of Florida College of Medicine Department of Anesthesia, June 7, 2008

Honors and Awards:

Bickel Scholarship Scripps-Howard Scholarship Jurisprudence Awards, Criminal Law, Legal Writing & Legal Ethics Top Score - Florida Bar Examination Selected as Order of the Coif - University of Florida Law School "Final Four" Finalist, Alumnus of University of Florida Moot Court First Runner Up, Florida Bar Annual Moot Court Competition Finalist, National Moot Court Competition, Chicago, IL Nominee for the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from the Public Justice Foundation, 2008

Professional Associations and Memberships:

Academy of Trial Advocacy Member Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Member Association of Trial Lawyers of America Member Florida Bar Association Member American Bar Association Member, Subcommittee on Health Care American Bar Association Member, Subcommittee on Legislation Affecting Litigation Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Association Member, Committee on Professionalism Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Association Member, Judicial Liaison Committee West Florida Regional Medical Center Advisory Board, Women's Life Center Sacred Heart Cathedral Member Grievance Committee to Investigate Process Servers Chairman Alabama Trial Lawyers Association Member First Circuit Fee Arbitration Committee Member Women's Caucus Steering Committee for Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers Member Women's Caucus Steering Committee, AFTL, 1996 Member Escambia-Santa Rosa County Bar Association Member, Grievance Committee Shands Hospital, Shands Homecare Advisory Committee Member United States District Court, Middle District of Alabama Member American Board of Trial Advocates, 1999 - Present Treasurer, Member Chief Judge's Council for Children Member Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Foundation, 2000 Member United States District Court of Claims, 2000 Member AFTL Medical Malpractice Task Force Member Science/Expert Committee of MDL for VIOXX, 2005 Member Board of Governors - Alabama Trial Lawyers Association Sustaining Member The Florida Bar - Civil Procedure Rules Committee, July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2011 Member Northwest Florida Association of Women Lawyers, July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009 Member The National Trial Lawyers (NTL), 2011 Member
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