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Jamaica Observer

INTERNATIONAL Men’s Day was celebrated on November 19, under the theme, ‘Working together for men and boys’.

The day, which is recognised in over 60 countries, was an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular their contributions to community, family, marriage and child care while highlighting the discrimination against them.

This week All Woman asked men if they think their rights or interests are given as much prominence as women’s rights.

Jermaine Williams, 34:

Yes, I do think men’s rights are given as much prevalence as women’s. Gender equality furthers the cause of child survival and development for all of society, so the importance of women’s and men’s rights, as well as gender equality, should not be underestimated.

George Clarke, 35:

No I don’t think so, but probably it’s because it’s not necessary. Traditionally women’s rights have been trampled on and so there have been many women’s liberation movements seeking to empower and provide equal rights to women. Men’s rights have been ingrained in society from antiquity as we are a patriarchal society.

Everald Wright, 22:

Yes, the rights are given as much prominence. There is no bias between the two. Men are portrayed as more dominant in the workplace so to me it is the reverse — men are paid more attention than women where there rights are concerned.

Rohan Gordon, 34:

No. Women get away with everything. As long as they can get away with things a woman will always have access granted. Gender-related, anything that happens to a woman after 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm can happen to a man as well, so the disparity happens when you see a female being abused and it is in the newspapers from Sunday to Sunday, but when it’s a man, unless he is raped and left at a hillside, you don’t hear anything about it.

Daniel Richards, 24:

No, I don’t think so. Women and other vulnerable groups seem to get more attention than the ordinary men. Laws and women’s issues are geared to their benefit. There are a lot of issues geared towards women and children but not so much as it relates to the quality of life for men.

Donovan Grant, 48:

No they aren’t. It is often believed that a man doesn’t need to be protected and men can protect themselves. This is coming from the old system where the man was dominant, but that will soon have to be changed as men now need protection.